Subleasing can be hard, we make it easy.

Start the Process

We start by gathering all essential information regarding your lease. Once the one-time fee has been paid, we get to work! 

60 Day Guarantee

We use a variety of platforms to locate a qualified replace tenant. We then work hand-in-hand with your apartment's management to assure a smooth and quick transition. 

Turn in Keys

From finding a candidate, performing a background check, finalizing the paperwork and coordinating moving dates we have you covered! Our work is never done until you are no longer legally bound to your lease!

Whether you need out of your lease, or are looking for the perfect apartment

Our mission is simple, to connect qualified subletters with individuals whose living situation has changed.

We believe in a world that gives tenants the flexibility to move and adjust their living situation, and where renters can find the apartment with the exact terms they need. We believe people should not be penalized when their situation changes, because life happens!


We believe the perfect sublet match exists, and it's our mission to help you find it.

Just want to talk to somebody that knows the market? Speak to one of our licensed real estate brokers today and let us take this burden out of your hands and into ours!


"I would highly recommend Un-Leased! They helped me get out of my lease saved me $4,500.00
Very professional and responds quickly!"

Anna, Wilmington NC

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We specialize in subleasing and apartment rentals. Our team has extensive experience with the leasing process for both student and conventional housing. We even keep a licensed real estate broker on staff to answer any questions you may have about the market or housing!


We work with our customers to develop and execute a tailored marketing strategy for their  current  lease. From there, we take full control of the sublease and relet process. 

We will locate a qualified subletter and ensure a smooth rental transition process.

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